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The joint brainchild of Jean Paufique, biologist, brilliant entrepreneur, and Didier Letourneur, chairman of the scientific council of Inserm and renowned researcher in biomaterials (George Winter prize of the European society of biomaterials in 2017), SILTISS aims to develop, produce and market biomimetic biomaterials of non-animal origin that promote and support tissue regeneration processes.

As a spin-off of SILAB, a world leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients since 1984, SILTISS shares:

  • the same strategic vision: to offer innovative solutions inspired by the natural in order to support endogenous mechanisms applied to the field of tissue regeneration;
  • the same values: Independence, Excellence, Quality;
  • the same ambition to propose breakthrough innovations in order to improve patients' quality of life.
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in a few figures

Creation: January 2016

Creation: January 2016

5 million euros of investment plan over 3 years

5 million euros of investment plan over 3 years

4 Inserm patents<br>(exclusive license agreements)

4 Inserm patents
(exclusive license agreements)

1 production site

1 production site

1 R&D laboratory with ISO 8 to 5 controlled atmosphere rooms

1 R&D laboratory with ISO 8 to 5 controlled atmosphere rooms

Team of 10 people

Team of 10 people

Our partners

a unique collaboration


SILAB develops, manufactures and sells to the major names of the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics market purified natural active molecules.

Its products, intended for the care of healthy skin and hair, are all patented and efficacy-proven.

SILAB provides SILTISS with its expertise and industrial infrastructure, guaranteeing perfect control of production processes and constraints, as well as numerous logistical resources such as its premises, design offices and ISO 8 to 5 controlled atmosphere rooms.

Biotech développement SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE.

The independent fund, Biotech Développement SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE, provides technical and financial support to young innovative companies in the biotechnology sector. It supports SILTISS in its industrial development.


Inserm (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale, French national institute of health and medical research) is a public research establishment founded in 1964, with more than 350 units throughout France.

Its objective is to better understand and improve human health by following a biological and medical approach. Two units support the work of SILTISS: U1148 - LVTS and U1026 - BioTis

U1148 - LVTS Paris
Laboratory for Vascular Translational Science

The U1148 - LVTS unit is a large research unit of 250 persons working on the understanding of physiological mechanisms through the development of new diagnostic tools, large clinical trials and strategies including biomaterials. This unit is specialized in research on cardiovascular diseases and vascular tissue engineering.

This collaboration allows SILTISS to benefit from the LVTS’ experience in the field of polymer chemistry, polysaccharides and carbohydrate conjugates as well as biomaterials and tissue engineering expertise.

U1026 - BioTis Bordeaux
Bioingénierie tissulaire

The Tissue bioengineering laboratory (BioTis) is a research unit, leader in France, in the field of bone and vascular tissue engineering for more than 30 years.

Joëlle Amédée, Director of Research at BioTis (U1026), and Jean-Christophe Fricain, University Professor at the Dentistry Research and Training Unit, Hospital Practitioner at Bordeaux Central Hospital, Director of U1026, board members of SILTISS, are recognized for their expertise in the tissue engineering sector and represent a valuable scientific and medical support for the company SILTISS.

HR policy

the recruitments

SILTISS (SILAB group) is extremely attentive to its employees and strives to create a fulfilling work environment, offering each person the possibility to develop his/her skills and to evolve with confidence. Valuing the human potential and the specificity of each individual, the company studies all applications it receives carefully and fairly.
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