SILTISS, player in the tissue regeneration sector

spin-off of SILAB, based on work developed by two Inserm teams in Paris and Bordeaux.

SILTISS develops, produces and markets natural-origin biomaterials which promote or induce the tissue regeneration process.
The initial applications relate to bone substitutes for the orthopedic, dental and maxillofacial sector. These Class III medical devices are made from innovative biomaterials containing implantable natural polysaccharides, which stimulate bone tissue regeneration and must obtain CE marking before sale. Other applications are bound to follow.

First steps for a promising company

SILTISS, subsidiary of the SILAB Group, is the joint brainchild of Jean Paufique, biologist and brilliant entrepreneur, and Didier Letourneur, an eminent Biomaterials researcher.
The SILAB group has established itself as a global leader in the natural active ingredients market for healthy skin. Its scientific and technological expertise is now widely recognized and has naturally led it to become involved in the reconstruction and regeneration of damaged tissue, by creating its subsidiary SILTISS.states Jean Paufique, Chairman and Founder of SILAB, and Chairman and co-founder of SILTISS.

In April 2016, SILTISS has acquired exclusive rights to use a tissue engineering technology developed by Inserm.
This new company is equipped with the technological, human and financial means to pursue ambitious developments of innovative products in regenerative medicine. It's a real opportunity for transferring biomedical research activities into industryexplains Didier Letourneur, Director of CNRS Research and Director of U1148 Inserm, co-founder of SILTISS and recent winner of the George Winter Award from the European Society for Biomaterials.

Strong support

SILTISS benefits from the financial and operational power of the SILAB Group, which provides its premises, its clean rooms with Classes A/B or ISO 5, and its many skills, in particular those of its R&D teams. This is already happening with SILTISS' preparation for ISO 13485 certification and the launch of pre-clinical and clinical phases to obtain CE marking, which is essential prior to the marketing of a medical device.
SILTISS has a capital of 300,000 euros and is supported by an independent fund, Biotech Développement SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE, which provides technical and financial assistance to young, innovative companies in the biotechnology field. It also benefits from the support of two directors well known for their expertise in the sector, Joëlle Amédée, Research Director in Tissue Bioengineering at Inserm Bordeaux (U1026) and Jean-Christophe Fricain, University Professor at the Dentistry Research and Training Unit, Hospital Practitioner at Bordeaux Central Hospital, Director of U1026.