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Transfer of technology

biomedical research

SILTISS was created in 2016 following the granting of an exclusive license to use four patents developed by Inserm laboratories U1148 (Paris) and U1026 (Bordeaux). The latter concern an innovative technology in the field of tissue engineering, namely the production of natural hydrogels, formed using non-animal materials. These hydrogels can be modified to address different tissues such as bone or skin. This technology has also led to numerous scientific publications.

This major technology transfer from public research to industry, in close collaboration with Inserm teams, allows SILTISS to benefit from the expertise of high-level researchers and specialists in the field of tissue engineering, in order to lead optimally the development of these new biomaterials.

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biomaterials for guided bone regeneration

For its first product (GlycoBone®), SILTISS has chosen a development for bone reconstruction.

Bone is a tissue composed of two phases: a matrix mainly constituted of collagen and an inorganic phase composed of calcium and phosphates.

The approach provided by SILTISS is to draw inspiration from living organisms, by creating a product that comes as close as possible to the natural composition of bone, namely a biodegradable matrix of polysaccharides that supports the inorganic phase. This bone substitute is in the form of microbeads with controlled micro-porosity, injected as a non-curing paste.

This form allows GlycoBone® to have both micro- (intra-ball) and macrometric (inter-ball) porosities that promote cellular colonization and revascularization. In addition, since the inorganic phase consists of non-stœchiometric hydroxyapatite, this latest generation bone substitute has all the properties necessary for quality bone reformation, meaning osteoinduction, osteoconduction and osteointegration.


excellence in research

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